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Welcome to the Zephyr United Media Center. If you work for the media and are interested in learning more about one of our companies, you have come to the right place.

Our Company

Zephyr United is a small company based in Red Lodge, Montana (population 2,400) with four divisions:

  • Zephyr Adventures offers tours around the world that include hiking, biking, trekking, inline skating, cross-country skiing, and sea kayaking.
  • Travel Montana offers a dozen itineraries in our home state, a location we consider one of the best active travel destinations in the world.
  • Taste Vacations operates food, wine, and beer vacations in culinary destinations around the world.
  • Zephyr Conferences runs five conferences per year in the food, wine, and beer industries.

How We Got Started

Zephyr’s owner Allan Wright started the company in 1997 as the world’s first inline skating (Rollerblading) tour company. Luckily, the company expanded to different activities before the inline skating market crashed, although we still run one or two skate tours a year.

In 2008 Allan then created one of the world’s first niche blogging conferences, the Wine Bloggers Conference, to market our wine tours via bloggers. The marketing didn’t work out so well but the conference was a success, leading to Zephyr Conferences.

In 2014 Allan combined the tour angle with the food, wine, and beer aspect to create Taste Vacations. In 2020, Zephyr responded to the pandemic, which has decimated the company, by creating Travel Montana.

Why We Are Unique

  • We were the first inline skating tour company in the world and still the only company in the hemisphere offering skate tours.
  • We are probably the only company in the world that runs both food, wine and craft beer tours as well as conferences.
  • We are based in the small town of Red Lodge, Montana (population 2,300) but our employees work virtually in five states.
  • We adapted to the pandemic by creating an entirely new tour brand.

How We Can Help You

We can be a resource for you on the following subjects:

  • Small businesses adapting to the pandemic
  • Inline skating, which has seen a resurgence due to lockdowns
  • Active travel around the world
  • Food, wine, and beer writers and bloggers
  • Food, wine, and beer travel
  • Craft brewery marketing (we run the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference)
  • Our home state of Montana


Our three meda-oriented conferences (WMC, IFBC, and BeerNow) are designed to appeal to the media as attendees and we offer discounted rates to these media. Therefore, we do not usually offer complimentary registrations except to speakers.

For our two marketing-oriented conferences (WMTC and BMTC) we offer 50% discounts to all media who plan to write about the conference. Please contact us for the discount code. We will also sometimes offer complimentary registrations to media with a confirmed writing assignment. We are not able to provide hotel or transportation subsidies for any of our conferences except for keynote speakers or for media tours hosted by our local conference partners.

Media Contact

For more information, please contact Allan Wright.