Press on Tour Application

We really appreciate any opportunity to collaborate with the media. As a small company, the benefit to us is immense, and we love getting the chance to help you to travel the world!

Annually we have a short list of tours that are available for media to join. The following is the 2023 line up of opportunities:

We also organize annual press-only tours to select destinations. If you would like to be considered for these opportunities, please complete the following application and be sure to select this as an option. The 2023 destination is in the works and will be announced by mid-summer.

A few notes before you apply: As a small company, we are able to cover the cost for media to join our tours—once you have arrived at the tour destination. Transportation to the tour is not included. And, please expect you will be sharing a room with a traveler of the same gender, as many of our solo travelers choose to do (an additional fee to secure a single room may be available).

Who Should Apply:

We are seeking media with an active interest in topics relevant to our travel brands, and in creating content about the Zephyr United destinations and activities. We are seeking media from national and regional mainstream lifestyle outlets and/or outlets focusing on travel and outdoor activity:

  • Magazine or Newspaper Staff Writers & Editors
  • Digital Publication Writers & Editors
  • Freelance Journalists — with a proven record of placing articles
  • Professional Travel Content Creators (Influencers/Bloggers) — with evidence of regular, current editorial writing (i.e. non-sponsored posts) related to adventure travel, outdoor activity, and a large, dedicated and engaged following interested in travel or outdoor related content.
Preference will be given to media with a guaranteed outlet or a pre-determined and definitive assignment.

Ready to join us?

Please complete the following application and we looking forward to connecting with you.




Type(s) of Media


What tours are you interested in potentially joining in 2023?
Do you have a guaranteed outlet you work with?
Do you have a definite assignment at this time?
Can you provide social media coverage of the tour or what you publish?